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San Jose Highly Gifted Magnet

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Welcome to San Jose Highly Gifted Magnet!

    San Jose Highly Gifted Magnet, located on the campus of San Jose Street Elementary in Mission Hills, gives children of extraordinary intelligence an opportunity to learn, grow and develop to their maximum potential. The Highly Gifted Magnet schools in Los Angeles are one of the few programs in the US designed for children with IQ of 145+.  These students have unique intellectual, social and emotional needs not addressed in regular “gifted” classrooms. San Jose HG Magnet brings together specialized teachers, challenging curriculum and compatible peers to ensure a meaningful education in a supportive environment.

    -Catherine Estrada, Principal

    Gold Ribbon

    For current San Jose Street and Highly Gifted Magnet announcements, please visit

    the on-time e-choices application for the 2022-23 school year is now open until november 12th

    In order to be eligible for our program, students must have scored 99.5-99.9 on the intellectual assessment.

    Contact Olivia Diaz, the magnet coordinator, at or call (818) 365-3218 for more information.

    Live Q & A sessions

    just added! Q & A with our magnificent magnet teachers

    We are proud to announce that San Jose Street Elementary and Highly Gifted Magnet have been recognized as a 2020 California Distinguished School! 

    mustCurrent LAUSD students who exhibit gifted characteristics may be recommended by a parent, teacher, or other staff member for assessment.  Speak to the child's teacher or GATE Coordinator at your child's school regarding the referral process.

    To be eligible for the SJHGM program, which starts in second grade, a student must be identified as highly gifted with a score of 99.9 on the intellectual test, or score 99.5-99.8 to be considered Highly Gifted applicable.

    Enrollment Capacity for 21-22

    78 Students

    Capacity Numbers per Grades

    2/3 Split Class=24

    4th Grade=27

    5th Grade=27



    Magnet Calendar

    Click here to visit the resident school website for school-wide calendar of events and general school information.

    Parents, this is an opportunity to give us input about how we are doing.  Complete your school experience survey today.  Once you complete the school experience survey, complete the additional link to enter your child in our Monday Assembly drawings.