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Magnet Information

Located within the residence school of San Jose Street Elementary, SJHGM is comprised of a small community of 80 students who encourage each other’s growth and development both intellectually and emotionally.  Students form a strong bond over the course of the four year program. 

Specific instructional programs have been designed to meet the needs of highly gifted individuals at SJHGM.  The program emphasizes depth and complexity across all disciplines of the curriculum.  Since most highly gifted students are natural logical thinkers, the mathematics curriculum at SJHGM is advanced by one year.  English Language Arts curriculum is taught using grade level texts, but differentiated for the highly gifted learner through depth, complexity and novelty.  Teachers hold high expectations for all students through the rigorous academic program.  

Magnet students perform

Highly gifted students are actively engaged in their education and understand the relevance of the information they are learning. The experienced teaching staff at SJHGM engages students by encouraging partnerships and teams, extensive research, animated discussions, and the presentation of lessons learned to others.  Enrichment programs are carefully selected each year by teachers in coordination with the administration and the support of the parents to enhance students’ level of comprehension.