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Catherine Estrada, Principal

Uchenna Okereke, APEIS

Olivia Diaz, Magnet Coordinator

Amy Johnson, 4th grade teacher

Sunaina Sharma, 2nd/3rd grade teacher

Karen Watson, 5th grade teacher

Juan Reynosa, School Administrative Assistant

Sonia Lopez, Office Technician

Mary Uribe, Community Representative

Maral Kahvedjian, PSW

Cynthia Sevilla, Nurse








Welcome to San Jose Highly Gifted Magnet (SJHGM), home to a diverse group of students who thrive on learning.  Students at SJHGM learn from teachers who understand what it means to teach the highly gifted child.  Students are not only stimulated intellectually, they learn through real life applications, are always given opportunities to follow their own vision, and are not limited to preset boundaries.  Students at SJHGM are treated as individuals as each student is unique in his/her intellectual, social and physical developmental needs.

San Jose Highly Gifted Magnet was established in order to meet the unique intellectual, social and psychological needs of Highly Gifted students. Because our students generally demonstrate high academic performance on state standardized tests and district assessments, we provide a rigorous and challenging curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving. While we are committed to teaching the California Common Core State standards at the grade level, students in our program are encouraged to go above and beyond standards if they have mastered the standards at their current grade level.