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4th and 5th Grade

Karen Watson


September 18 - Field Trip Ronald Reagan Library 

        Make sure to bring a sack lunch


Week #5 September 16 - September 20

5th Grade

Monday: PE - Mile; Pet Journal #5; Schoology - Weekly Grade Report; Library; Math - Chapter 2 Review; "Speak Up" pages 59-61Tools of a Hummingbird 

Tuesday: PE - Skill; Math - Lesson3.3 Dividing Decimals; "Speak Up"  pages 62-71 Tools of a Hummingbird continued

Wednesday: Ronald Reagan Library Field Trip

Thursday: Psychomotor; Math - Lesson3.4 Real World Application ; and Arts - Music

Friday: PE - Game; Science States of Matter Project; Theater


4th Grade

Monday: Math - Lesson2.7 Order of Operations

Tuesday: Math - Chapter 2 Review

Wednesday: N/A

Thursday: Math - Chapter 2 Test

Friday: Math - Order of Operations Project, "Figure Me Out"


Kindness is having the ability to

Speak with love,

Listen with patience,

And act with compassion.



Current Assignments