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4th and 5th Grade

Karen Watson


August 15 - Scooter's Jungle

August 19 - Menchie's Ice Cream Social @ 5:00pm

August 20 - First Day of School Year 2019-2020  

August 30 and September 1 - No School

Week of June 3

5th Grade

Monday: No School


Tuesday: Assembly 8am; Breakfast in the Classroom; Protocol; Classroom Rules and Routines; Math Game for Seat Assignments; Read Aloud, " The Empty Pot"; Journals; Science Engineering Investigation; Folders; Clean-up; and Fortunes.


Wednesday: PE - Mile; Pick a Pet and Pet Journal #1; Math Lesson 1.1 - Number Lines and Lesson 1.2 Prime Factorization 


Thursday: PE - Stretching; Math Lesson 1.3 - Common Factors and Multiples; Positive Behavior Support Assembly; and Read "Speak Up" Pages 1-12/Activity;


Friday: PE - Science Lab Make/Separate Mixtures and Theater


4th Grade

Monday: No School


Tuesday: N/A


Wednesday: Go Over Rules/Procedures; Expectation of Journals; Science Lab Mock Rocks


Thursday: Read "How Much is a 1,000,000?"; Math Lesson 1.1 and Lesson 1.2 Place Value


Friday: Math Analysis


And suddenly

you know it's time

to start something new

and trust the magic of 


                                                            ~Meister Eckhart


Current Assignments