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Sunaina Sharma

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August 27: Back to School Night & Booster Club Kick-Off  (5-7pm)

-- 5:00 pm Classroom Presentations

--6:00 pm Program Overview in the auditorium

-- 6:40 pm Booster Club Announcements


September 18: Ronald Reagan Library








Welcome to 2nd and 3rd Grade with Ms. Sharma!


The best way to reach me for quick questions:; if you would like to discuss anything in details please email me with the subject line (Please call me) and I will call you ASAP :)


This is an important year because my students assume more responsibilities and make more decisions about their learning. We will be learning all about California through Social Studies, the novels we read, and many of the field trips that we go on. Most importantly, learning is going to be FUN! It is going to be an exciting school year! 

This week:

Weekly Class Schedule


Monday- 10:20am-11:00am ARTS; Wednesday-10:20am-11:00am LIBRARY


Monday: Morning Assembly; Breakfast/Silent Reading; Math 2nd Lesson 1.3: Place Value 3rd: Lesson 1.3  Place Value; Music; Language Arts (Read Narratives) Comprehension; 

Tuesday: Breakfast/Silent Reading; Psychomotor; Triad-Read Pages 13-17 Mix students to read the pages and practice situation #1-4 on page 17; students will work with the group in the three-class that will be pre-determined. --Dismissal 1:29 BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT 5-7PM

Wednesday: Breakfast/Silent Reading; Narrative (Sequence of Events); Library; Science (In Class); Social Studies Chapter 1 Communities;

Whole-Class Read Pages 18-19; Sharing and Debrief; HomeStudy:   Due August 29th Read Pages 20-23 (Speak up & Get Along)

Thursday: Breakfast/Silent Reading; Language Arts; Speak Up and Get Along Unit Study by Scott Cooper--Play the sound of a squeaky wheel or dripping faucet; Psychomotor (9:30-1020--which means 2nd Recess);  Math Chapter 2 (Vocab/Definitions) Icons;

Friday: No School

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Math Practice...(Very Helpful)

Here are some great links to practice (Multiplication, Division, Addition & Subtraction) (Money) (Drills--Printables) (Fun Quizzes for students) (Printable Multiplication Chart and practice problems)